Energy Sources

There are a lot of places we can source clean energy. Solar, wind, and water are just a few sources of energy that are both renewable and low in emissions. And we wouldn’t be able to produce any of these energy sources if it weren’t for mining.

Our industry finds and mines the minerals that are needed to generate clean energy. Wind turbines are made from steel, and so rely on the mining of iron, and solar panels are made of aluminium, copper and other rare earth elements.

Not only is the production of renewable energy reliant on the mining industry, but the storage of this renewable energy is too. Wind turbines and solar panels are dependent on those two things: the wind and the sun, and when the wind doesn’t blow and the sun isn’t shining it’s important that energy can still be used.

That’s where minerals such as vanadium come into play. Vanadium is being used to make sustainable flow batteries, that can store renewable energy to be used when needed.

From iron to copper to vanadium, there are many minerals that are needed for a clean energy future and the best part is, our country is rich in all of them.

Many companies are already choosing to head down the path of wind and solar energy at the operations. For example, Oz Minerals are developing a hybrid power plant to collect both solar and wind energy and power up 80 per cent of their new copper project. Choosing renewables is expected to be cost-effective for the company, and the best solution for our environment.

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