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From waste to green technology

Because of its high strength and melting point Tungsten is used for many different things. This hard-working mineral does most of its work behind the scenes. From strengthening other metals to its use as a component in green technology, Tungsten is even used to make cello strings and spacecraft equipment. North Queensland miner EQ Resources are taking a thorough approach to their operations making sure that every last bit of Tungsten on their mine in Mt Carbine does not go […]

Mining and Avos have more in common than you think

We are quite lucky that we live in a country with varying climates that means we can grow almost anything. From wheat to tropical fruit to avocados, we can grow it all. But with a growing...

Committed to Clean Energy – how we’re helping with climate change.

IGO Limited: Clean Energy Evolution IGO Limited is a mining and exploration company committed to Making a Difference by producing the metals needed for a clean energy future. IGO’s strategic focus is to become a globally relevant supplier of metals which are critical to enabling energy storage and renewable energy, with a particular focus on nickel, copper, cobalt and lithium. This focus is driven by the significant opportunity IGO sees in supporting the decarbonisation of our planet. The electrification of […]

Old mine turned in to renewable energy Gold mine.

Kidston Clean Energy Hub – Kidston Pumped Storage Hydro Project Genex Power Limited Genex Power Limited The Kidston Gold Mine (‘KGM’) is located in North  Queensland...